Stolen ONEPLUS 6 Mirror Black - INDIA Ahmedabad

Phone details

Model 6 Mirror Black
IMEI 865300041224385

When and where

Date 01/25/2019
Country INDIA
City Ahmedabad

Other details

Status Stolen
Prize 35000 Rupee


Hi, I am working at baroda as software engineer. I purchased a mobile One Plus 6 mobile from Amazone on 9th August 2018. EMEI numbers are (1) 865300041224393 (2) 865300041224385. On 25th January 2019 in evening time around 8:30 i am going to my home from CTM, Ahmedabad I came to know my mobile is missing from my pocket. I tried to find out around 2 hours but not able to get. Did police complain but no result.

Contact details


[email protected]

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