Stolen APPLE IPHONE 7 - SOUTH AFRICA Johannesburg

Phone details

Model IPHONE 7
IMEI 353803083061432

When and where

Date 11/30/2019
City Johannesburg

Other details

Status Stolen


My daughter Was getting out of Uber, at Gold Riff city and for wasn’t locked man came from nowhere, grab my phone, travel on Uber from Joburg to Pretoria still Uber can’t help purchases were done his Uber eats and basically Uber hasn’t been able to help in any way shape or form they couldn’t be bothered either. They e told my daughter they can’t find her profile I guess that’s it. Her iphone7 gone plus a contract sim, and R1000 purchases through Uber I’m inclined to think it’s all linked and the man went on a Uber ride they can’t find the record so where exactly did they pick a person up from.

Contact details


[email protected]

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