Stolen Apple iPhone 12 - UNITED STATES Fayetteville

Apple iPhone 12

Phone details

Brand Apple
Model iPhone 12
IMEI 351166892779350

When and where

Date 07/20/2021
City Fayetteville

Other details

Status Stolen
Prize 100 Dollar


Red phone, black pelican case, screen protector, no cracks. My fiancé passed away a month ago and this is his phone, someone stole it out of my bag while I was most vulnerable in grief. This is my only way to have all of our pictures, photos, personal vids, messages, everything… it’s the only way his dad and I will ever find out what really happened to him. PLEASE, IM BEGGING YOU… return it. I don’t have much to offer but his father will help raise the reward if that’s helpful… please..

Contact details

Contact 4792002059


[email protected]

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