Which phone number is using my phone now?

This information can be retrieved only by operator which SIM card is used in phone and local police.

Can you locate my phone?

We can't locate phone exactly. If your SIM card is active and phone is ringing, there is a website which could locate your phone but location is not very precious.

Can you block my phone?

No, only operator can block your phone in it's own network. Phone can be still used with other networks. Operators connected to GSMA blacklist database can block any IMEI on blacklist Worldwide.

How to track my phone?

There is no tool to track your phone. The only chance is to track it if you installed anti-theft applications and setup it properly before you lost it or before it got stolen.

Which software can I use to track my lost or stolen phone?

There is no software to track your phone. If you had anti-theft software installed on your phone, then you need to check the aplications manual and check how to track your phone. If your phone is switched OFF or if new owner uninstalled your application, then your chances to find your phone became minimalistic.

Why police and operator do nothing to find my phone?

They have thousands of cases each year and they have more important things to do. This is why they don't usually focus on searching phones.

Did it ever happen that somebody found the phone or it's owner through your website?


I want to buy second hand phone. How to check who is the owner or if the phone is stolen or lost?

There is no 100% solution for this. You can only check your luck at our database or if your operator offer this functionality to check it through its website or SMS or if there is other service which has any record about the phone.

How to remove my device from IMEIdetective database?

  1. Login to your account (if you have more then one, use correct account)
  2. Click on My account
  3. Click on red icon within the record you want to delete