How to prevent phone theft

Mobile phones are our most valuable belongings (photographs, contacts, passwords…) which every man alive possesses, so we must be careful to whom we show that kind of stuff, where we leave our phones or if we lend them to someone.

* Don’t expose your mobile phone when you’re surrounded by crowd. One can steal it from you with some foxy plan or it’s stolen right from your hand if you are not paying too much attention to it.

* Leaving your phone in public places, even if you put it down for just a second on a table, a shelf, in a bike basket, or elsewhere, is not a good idea.

* Putting down your mobile phone on a table in a café is a bad idea, too. It can happen you forget it while leaving the place or it’s gone before you even notice it.

* Exposed expensive mobile devices, even if in your car can lead thieves to break in. The thief will damage your car and in the end your mobile device is gone too.

* Don’t bring your mobile phones to your workouts, to the pool or other public places, where you’ll put down your things. Keep watch on your mobile phone as you do for your wallet.

* Beware to whom you lend your mobile phone, even if he says he needs it for a phone call because he’s battery is dead, he has no money or even if he has to make an urgent call. There are many excuses and some of us believe them.


* Download mobile software for remote controlling to your Android, Windows or iOS. With this program you’ll be able to locate your lost/stolen phone. With sending a “silent” SMS you’ll get the location of the current user of your mobile phone or you’ll even be able to delete all of your data, block the phone or even sending a message to the current user. In some applications it’s even possible sending the data about the current location and the current number of the user.

* Younger minors shouldn’t possess smart phones. The theft will so be reduced and it’s possible that personal data won’t be abused – like e-mail accounts, photographs, and phone numbers.

*Download only verified apps.

* Lock your smart phone with a security code. You’ll remain the only one who can use it and also reduce the abuse of your SIM-card. This possibility offer older phone models too.

*To increase the finding of your lost mobile phone write down the next data:

1.your phone number

2. phone type and model

3. colour and other data

4. PIN-number or safety-code

5. IMEI-number (*#06*)

*  Consider some more advices how to identify phones – On some phone parts, like the battery, you can write down your personal information. Sometimes it’s even good enough, if you hide a piece of paper with your info. Maybe the thief will feel guilty and he may even return it.

And if your phone really is stolen:

Immediatelly report the theft to the police and the phone operater. Reporting the theft will be used as your evidence of a missing mobile phone. That is important, if  the thief abuses your phones mobile services, which would lead to shocking expenses at the end of the month. Only with evidence of a stolen phone can the operater exclude the service costs.